Durahold Rug Pad – Custom Cut

Custom Cut Durahold Rug Pad
Custom cut to your rug size at no extra
charge. Protect your rug with the best Durahold

We strive to offer Durahold Rug Pad as best as we can. We already offer the best prices online along with free, fast shipping and now we offer free custom cut rug pads. You can order your Durahold Rug Pad custom cut to your rug size without any extra charge or delays.

Since we only stock rolls of Durahold, we are able to cut to the exact rug pad for any area rug, regardless of size or shape. Custom cut Durahold Rug Pad means you will receive your rug pad ready to use, Simply unroll, place your rug on top of it and your Durahold Rug Pad will be ready to start performing. Our custom cut service means you receive your Durahold Rug Pad cut about one inch less on all sides than your actual rug size.

A custom cut Durahold Rug Pad means your rug edges will relax to the floor and not cause any tripping hazards. We do not want you to see the edge of your rug pad, nor do we want the rug pad to keep the edges of your rug off the floor, so we will cut it to the proper size based on your rug size.

Ordering a custom cut Durahold Rug Pad s easy. Simply choose the next largest size we offer to your rug size. If your rug measures 8’8″ x 11’10”, then choose our 9′ x 12′ size. Next, we offer a section for you to enter your rug size and this is where you would enter the dimensions of your rug, not inlcuding any fringe, or tassels, at the ends of your rug. Add to cart and continue to checkout. Your rug size follows the order through to the end, where we receive it and process and cut to size.

Get your next custom Durahold Rug Pad at and receive free shipping within the contiguous United States.

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Durahold Rug Pad Rated as Best Non Slip Rug Rug

We’re proud to announce that among every other rug pad out there, Durahold is rated as the best for non slip rug pads. The patented upper and lower surfaces of Durahold give it a leading edge in non slip performance that will not be found with any other rug pad.

As a non slip rug pad, Durahold works in two ways. It prevents rugs from slipping off of it and it prevents the entire rug from slipping on a hard floor surface. While most rug pads try to keep a rug to the floor, Durahold also keeps the rug to the rug pad, preventing a very common problem of rugs shifting on top of their rug pads. The patented texture within the felt surface of Durahold allows it to grab and hold the area rug to it, keeping it in place even under traffic and vacuuming.

Durahold contains a patented design within its lower rubber surface, creating a suction cup effect on any hardwood, wood, laminate, tile, marble, vinyl or any hard floor surface. Unlike other rug pads that lose their non slip function in a short time, Durahold performs for several years.

Visit for more on the best non slip rug pad for all floors.

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